Admitting failure

The development community is failing to learn from failure. Instead of recognizing these experiences as learning opportunities, we hide them away out of fear and embarrassment.

That’s a great piece of copy. Plain common sense denotes that we should learn from our mistakes, though it seems that in the start up world we rarely do.

At best we briefly acknowledge our transgressions before we chug on to the next project. At worst, we blithely brag of failing fast (with other people’s money) as though that failure itself were a trophy to be collected and shown off like a Klout badge or Android lapel pin.

The quote above is the lede on a new website, Admitting Failure, which has been opened to provide a place for NGOs to share and discuss failures in mission. We need a website like that for start ups.

Speaking of which, read ex-staffer Mark Evan’s opinions of the events leading to Borders’ bankruptcy. This is probably the most honest and open examination of failure you will read this year. We need more of this kind of thing.

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