burger by robert banh

One of the biggest problems in working long project hours is the temptation to eat crappy convenience food.

Sometimes you’re too distracted to cook and don’t feel that you have time to go and sit in a restaurant or cafe; you just want to sit and work.

Bundle this up with a bit of stress, a desire for comfort and the availability of 24 hour delivery to your door and you have a recipe for waistline disaster.

Well aware of my own weakness in this regard I have successfully implemented a lifehack that prevents me from picking up the phone, or opening a browser, to order out. It’s so beautifully simple I thought I would share it here:

  1. Identify an international chain of junk food dealers
  2. Order food for delivery.
  3. When the food is delivered, refuse to accept it because it is either a) cold; or b) late.
  4. Repeat.

By the time you reach the third cycle through you should find that you are no longer able to order delivery from your chosen junk food outlet.

Pick another and begin the process again.

Don’t try this with independents in your area, they don’t deserve the lost orders.

Image: Robert Banh