A couple of years ago, in a fit of pique, I wrote a post about the Vertu Ferrari. At the time I was hacked off over the belaboured and backward ‘iPhone is a Ferrari‘ analogy that seemed to have become a thing.

Bizarrely, that Vertu Ferrari post continues to yield steady traffic from organic search.

Judging by the bounce rate I can only assume that impressionable young boys and men of a certain age have little interest in Telecoms, Media and Technology.

So, here’s another ridiculously over-engineered design conceit just for you guys – the P9981 Porsche Blackberry.

P9981 Porsche Blackberry

This stunningly stupid reworking of the Blackberry Bold 9900 goes on sale tomorrow, in Harrods. It’s priced at GBP 1390.

If you have more money than sense (and absolutely no taste) why not pop along and buy one?